How to reach

For further details about Sree Advalleswarar Temple, Munnur, you  may contact address given below:

MUNNUR SREE PRAGANNAYAKI SAMEDHA SREE ADVALLESWARAR ANMEGA SANGAM �New No.7, Kumaran nagar,  KUMARAN ST., Kilkattalai, Chennai-600117, Tel.No: 044-22470545 

Cell 9884554053

Nearest Railway station: Tindivanam (22 km from Temple)

Nearest State Bus Stand: Tindivanam

Local Direct Town Bus Timings from Tindivanam to Munnur:

Town Bus number :  1  9.00 a.m and 2.00 p.m Starts at Tindivanam

Town Bus number :22 7 a.m , 10.30 a.m , 4.15p.m , 6.15p.m and 9.30 p.m

Bus starts at Tindivanam

Alternatively devotees may take Private and Govt. Buses running from

Tindivanam to Marakkanam state high way road and get down at Allankuppam

Village (19 km from Tindivanam) then catch local  share Auto to reach temple.