A Rare South facing Shiva Temple at MUNNUR

The temple is a place where God may be approached and where divine knowledge� can be discovered. It is the right and duty of the every Hindu individual to take pride in maintaining and preserving our temples.

The temple is the focus for all aspects of everyday life for the Hindu-religious, Cultural, educational and social. The temple is also a place where one can transcend the world of man.

Sree Pragannayagi samedha Sree Advalleeswarar Temple is a very rare south facing (The diety Adavalleeswarar� facing� south) Shiva Temple existing from Veda period situated at Munnur Village in Tindivanam Taluk. This temple was renovated by Chola King Kulothunga the II. Later, Chera,� Chola, Pandiya, Chalukya and Pallava Emperors and other territorial Kings like Nalliyakodan, Sambhuvarayars, Athiaman, Kangeya Rayan, Bangala Rayan and others donated to this temple and took care of it.

Special features of the Temple:-

Since this temple and the Moolavar is facing South direction, the devotees who worship in this temple will have a long life. If any threat to the life due to the position of Grahas in their horoscope will be vanished after made worship at this temple and be blessed by the God with a prosperous long and peaceful life. The Devotees who worship here  will be cured off from any prolonging unidentified diseases.

The stone inscriptions of this temple describes that, this temple is called �KAILASH ON EARTH and South Kailas  by the Maharishis. The legend also reveals that this stone carved temple was constructed on a sacred tank called �Brammha Theertham . The deity in this temple is a  Suyambu Lingam  that was found by a cow. In ancient periods and  in stone inscriptions this place was also� known as Munnutrumangalam, Minnam and Mujnoor, �Sirupanatrupadai  is one of the Sangam Literature collections written by Nallur Nathathanar. In this  book there are some significant  notes about this ancient Munnur. Our ancestors named a village near Munnur as �Advallikoothan  (Shiva dancing with his spouse) and still that village is called in this name. Lord Shiva dancing in this particular holy place in order to remove the egoism of the Rishis of Tarugavanam and to give Dharshan to the king Kulothunga. Hence, the Moolavar in this temple is called in the name of Adavalleeswarar. In this holy place Sree Dakshanamurthy gave Dharshan to Sanakathi Maharishis in Yoga Mudhra Stage.

Sthala Virusham of this temple is vanni tree. If we made workship Vinayagar and Nagarajan existing below at the viruksham, that can reduce the bad reactions and disturbances created by the Grahas of Raghu and Kethu. If any person can takes only a holy clip in the Brammatheertham at the time of Guruperarchi ( the sacred tank) and perform poojas to Lord Adavalleeswarar, they will be showered by the blessings of Lord  Guru .



2)Annabhishegam,  3)Mahasivarathiri and

4)Arudhra Dharshan are the important festivals conducted to the Lord Adavalleewarar. Apart from the regular festivals, Pradhosham and Full moon are also observed in this temple.  Velpooja  Festival takes place in the month of Chithirai during Agni Nakshatram to the Lord Siva Subramaniyar, which was workshipped by thousands of devotees.

Saints visited the temple:

During the visit of His holiness Maha Periyaval of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti peetam to the temple happened to see and read a small part of the stone inscription in this temple �Do the divine work today itself  and Contributed Rs 1,111/- right away and started the renovation work in the year 1968. The Maha Kumbhabhishegam of this temple was performed in the year 1978 at a small scale. Thirumuruga Kirubanandha Variyar swamigal and Thiruvalam Sri Sivanandha Mouna Guru Swamigal also participated and made donations to this divine work.

Since the deity facing south and in the sight of lord Guru, unmarried persons particularly those who are searching for suitable alliance for a very long time may come and worship here hopefully for early and happy married life.

The devotees and readers of this article are requested to visit this holy divine temple and blessed with a prosperous, bountiful and peaceful life.

How to reach this Temple:

This Holy Temple is situated at a distance of 22 K.Ms. from Tindivanam towards Marakkanam Road. Government Transport corporation operate Buses from Tindivanam to Munnur.(No.1 and 22).+

For further details may contact

MUNNUR SREE PRAGANNAYAKI SAMEDHA SREE ADVALLESWARAR ANMEGA SANGAM �New No.7, Kumaran nagar,  KUMARAN ST., Kilkattalai, Chennai-600117, Tel.No: 044-22470545 Cell : 9884554053

Nearest Railway station: Tindivanam (22 km from Temple)

Nearest State Bus Stand: Tindivanam

Local Direct Town Bus Timings from Tindivanam to Munnur:

Town Bus number :   1 (one)  9.00 a.m and 2.00 p.m Starts at Tindivanam

Town Bus number :22        7 a.m , 10.30 a.m , 4.15p.m , 6.15p.m and 9.30 p.m

Bus starts at Tindivanam

Alternatively devotees may take Private and Govt. Buses running from

Tindivanam to Marakkanam on the  state high way road and get down at Allankuppam

Village (19 km from Tindivanam) then catch local  share Auto to reach temple.